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August 4, 2021 | Outdoor Kitchen

This Outdoor Grill Cabinet Offers Spacious Storage

It is summertime. With any luck, you are finding your way outdoors more often, spending time soaking in the sunshine, and spending time with those who matter. Life is good all the time, but the summer just brings that extra kick. Lots of social time, lots of hanging out, and lots of drinking beer – grill side. 

Maybe you have built yourself an amazing backyard escape. Or maybe you have a little balcony patio where you like to sit and watch the surrounding scenery as you wait for your steaks to reach the level of perfection. 

However you find yourself spending your summer grilling, you’re really going to need this outdoor grill cabinet. 

Outdoor Grill Cabinet Storage for Everything You Need 

First starters, storage is important. We love closets and cabinets and secret hideaway spaces. We even pay to rent storage spaces that aren’t in our homes! Having clutter around can seriously throw off the feng shui in any space. That is why everything should have its place. And for many of these things, that place is in a storage cabinet. 

Think about being outdoors and sitting around relaxing with your friends. If you decide to host a grill out, you want everything handy, right? You want to enjoy the social interaction — and not worry about having to run in and out of your kitchen the whole time. Who knows what you may have missed? Running in to grab the tongs or some bbq sauce can easily leave you on the outside of an inside joke. Not cool. 

Having an outdoor grill cabinet means you have spacious storage for everything you can imagine. Ideally, it is a space to store all your grill supplies. But that’s not all. You can use it to keep some spices and rubs you frequently use to add some pizzazz to your cooking. You may also want to use it for storing things like cleaning supplies, towels to clean up messes, an apron for the chef, etc. 

But, wait a minute – what if you could store something even more than just your grill stuff. You can! Use this outdoor grill storage cabinet for anything you want. That means filling it up with games to play outdoors with your friends, plastic cups, a bottle opener, or even an ice chest with an extra case of beer. Talk about convenience. 

A Delightful Focal Point

One of the reasons many people love a proper grill cabinet is that it creates a delightful focal point. It is shiny and bright, drawing attention to it from the moment you enter the space. It stands out – in a good way. If you have a grill in your backyard or maybe even an outdoor sink cabinet, this storage/grill cabinet may complete the look – and your outdoor kitchen. 

Though, if you don’t already have a grill or you are in the market for a new one, this outdoor kitchen BBQ grill cabinet in stainless steel is specifically designed for Thor Kitchen’s 4-burner built-in, propane gas island grill. If you get both, then you have the joy of using your grill – and taking advantage of the cabinet storage, too. It’s a win-win for everyone – especially you. 

But, let’s get serious for a moment. Life can be so busy that we have to remind ourselves to take a moment to just be still and breathe. Appreciating the outdoors and connecting with nature, while relaxing in a comfortable space can slow life down – if only for a moment. So, creating an outdoor space like this where you can come to hang out, rest, and delight your senses with some great food and a beautiful storage cabinet can make life a little bit sweeter. 

The Durability of Stainless Steel

When buying anything for the outdoors, you have to be careful. Especially when it is an investment. Anything you put outside is going to be subjected to all sorts of elements and inclement weather. Even if you cover it for protection, there are still ways for moisture and debris to find their way in. 

With stainless steel, you don’t have to worry. It is durable enough to handle anything that comes its way. And did you know that it doesn’t rust or corrode? That means no matter how much moisture that it encounters, your outdoor grill cabinet will keep on looking wonderful in your outdoor space. 

Ready for one more fun fact about stainless steel? Your outdoor cabinet will be subject to a lot since it is left outside in the elements. But the surface of it is nonporous. That means it can’t house things like germs and bacteria – which may bring a little bit of added comfort. 

All Wrapped Up in One Package: Thor Kitchen’s Outdoor Grill Cabinet

What do we get when we wrap up all these great traits – and more – into one? We get the Thor Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Grill Cabinet, model number MK03SS304. It is a high-quality, premium product that gives you great power and performance at a practical price. It’s 32-inches and has ample amount of storage for all our grilling needs, including two storage drawers and a cabinet. And, as we said, it can also be used as the base for our 4-burner built-in propane gas island grill. 

Here are a few features and tidbits about this outdoor cabinet that we haven’t already mentioned: 

  • It has wheels for easy moving, two 2-inch fixed casters, and two 3-inch locking swivel casters. 
  • Recessed handles give the unit a sleek look. 
  • The 304 stainless steel finish keeps it free from rust and helping maintain its longevity. And it also makes it super easy to clean
  • This unit is a part of Thor Kitchen’s outdoor kitchen suite. 
  • The dimensions are: (WxHxD): 32 1/16” x 38” x 25”

As you find yourself spending more time outdoors these days – or if you’d like to be – then perhaps Thor Kitchen can help you create a welcoming, convenient space that includes the outdoor kitchen bbq grill cabinet and its spacious storage.