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February 15, 2020 | Uncategorized

The Convenience of a Top Control Dishwasher

top control dishwasher

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your current dishwasher, you may be interested in learning more about the features offered with top control dishwashers.

In this article, we’re exploring the convenience of a top control dishwasher.

The Convenience of a Top Control Dishwasher

Dishwashers are wonderful appliances that every kitchen should have. And, not just because you don’t want dishpan hands. Though, really, who wants to deal with itchy, cracked hands every day?

Dishwashers have plenty of benefits, such as being better for the environment and harder on germs. But, are all dishwashers created equal?

Absolutely not.

There are many different models of dishwashers available on the market. But, the one that takes the cake where style and convenience are concerned is a top control dishwasher. In particular, Thor Kitchen’s top control dishwasher.

Here’s what you need to know about a top control dishwasher.

Get Rid of Germs

Germs are everywhere. And, if you take the time to do much research on it, you will find that the majority of the germs you encounter in your home are found in your kitchen! That’s right – your kitchen! So, you are bound to have some sort of bacteria or something growing that needs to be vigorously washed away with hot water. Surely this is not going to happen by washing the dishes by hand with your sponge – that is said to have the most germs of all! Yikes!

Did we mention all the germs from bacterial and viral infections that you or your family may have? Or, more specifically, the flu? Without properly washing your dishes, it is easy to spread germs from one person to the next in the household.

Take away all these worries by using Thor Kitchen’s top control dishwasher. It is like a thoroughly cleaning machine that kills germs and helps keep your family safe and healthy.

Stop Wasting Water

Did you know that the amount of water you use washing dishes by hand far exceeds the amount of water used in the dishwasher? And, the dishwasher still cleans better. Water conservation needs some serious attention – and wasting water with handwashing is a thing of the past.

Using Thor Kitchen’s top control dishwasher, you have a highly effective cleaning machine that will clean your dishes and conserve water at the same time. With its smart wash system, it knows just how dirty those dishes are and how vigorously they need to be washed. It is always careful to use just the right amount of water.

Do Dishes when You Want to

How many times has this scenario happened to you? You have friends over for dinner and a movie. You load up the dishwasher and decide you will wash it after everyone leaves. Then, well, you go to bed, forget all about it, and, when morning comes, you are looking for your favorite mug and its sitting in the dishwasher – dirty.

Thor Kitchen’s top control dishwasher allows you to do dishes when you want to. It has a delayed start button that allows you to get it ready to go and set it to start – on its own – some time within the next 24hours. Whenever is most convenient for you.

You will never have to wake up to dirty dishes again.

A Style that Fits Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is smooth and sleek with no rough edges, why would you want your dishwasher to ruin that? If your guests enter your kitchen and are in awe of your smooth edges, then your dishwasher needs to fit the part. Otherwise, it may ruin the entire experience.

Top control dishwashers are hands down, more aesthetically pleasing than any other dishwasher on the market. Nobody wants big bulky knobs or controls protruding. Instead, our eyes prefer to see smooth, shiny surfaces, right?

Keep up the uniform appearance of your appliances with a top control dishwasher.

Other Conveniences of a Top Control Dishwasher

Right now is the time when you need to erase your preconception of dishwashers. They are not created equally. In fact, top control dishwashers come with such style, design, and function that they far outweigh other models. And, this is true for Thor Kitchen’s top control dishwasher, too.

So, what are these other conveniences? Well, let’s take a look:

  • No more having to bend down to make sure you are on the proper setting for your dishwashing load. Instead, you simply open the door and can easily – and very visibly – view the controls. This ensures that although it seems the dishwasher is more compact, it is actually much easier to control and manage.
  • Think about this – how many times have you bumped the settings on the front of your old dishwasher without even realizing it? While cooking, cleaning, moving around the kitchen – it is easy to bump the settings and not realize it until its too late. This scenario may even require to wash your dishes twice, wasting water and energy. But, guess what? This cannot happen with a top control dishwasher.
  • If your kitchen is designed with sleek stainless steel appliances, then you need a top control stainless steel dishwasher, as Thor Kitchen offers. This will maintain your uniform look without having knobs to make it rigid.
  • You often find that top control dishwashers are created as high-end appliances. You will rarely find this feature in an economical appliance. This means when you get a top control dishwasher, you are gaining a quality appliance that will give you great results each and every time.

Thor Kitchen’s Top Control Dishwasher

We have been mentioning this great appliance throughout this article, so we figured we better share the details with you, don’t you agree? Thor Kitchen offers a pro-style stainless steel top control dishwasher that is the epiphany of quality and sophistication.

You will find these great features:

  • Built-in style.
  • Delayed start option.
  • Energy Savings Class at A++.
  • A smart wash system gets your dishes cleaner and fresher every time.
  • It’s quiet, with a noise level of only 45db.
  • Four sprayer arms so that it can reach every square inch inside the machine.

Dishwashers may not seem like a necessity, but in today’s day and age, they are. Keep this in mind though – when you are referring to the care and cleanliness of your dishes and your well-being, you can’t skimp. Invest in a top control dishwasher today and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without all the convenience.