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December 23, 2021 | Uncategorized

What is a Microwave Drawer?

built in microwave drawer in kitchen island

Microwaves are one of those appliances that most people have for convenience. It can help you sit down to a meal in just a few minutes. It can cook your potatoes. It can create a chocolate cake in a mug. And it can make some popcorn for your movie, too. Running late for work in the morning? No problem – your microwave can heat up a breakfast burrito before you finish pouring your coffee. 

Although these microwaves serve an incredible purpose in our lives, they don’t always get treated based on their value. We often buy the cheap ones, sit them on our countertop, and, when it breaks or doesn’t work right, we toss it and go buy a new one. 

Here’s the thing – for something we rely on so much throughout our daily lives, it seems kinda silly to make it an afterthought, doesn’t it? 

Let’s talk about microwave drawers and how they can benefit a serious microwave chef like yourself. 

What is a Microwave Drawer?

First of all, we should clarify what a microwave drawer actually is. Though, oddly enough – it is exactly what its name says it is. Rather than having your microwave sitting atop your countertop, this type of microwave gets installed into your cabinet area – most often below your countertop. It then pulls out much like a drawer. When it is closed, it fits flush with the rest of the drawers and cabinets. 

By design, they do not sit on top of your countertop taking up space and they are not installed above your range. Instead, this reduces the look of clutter and bulk in your kitchen, allowing you to have a wide-open space – especially countertop – to handle any food prep and so forth. 

Other than where it is housed, you use a microwave drawer in much the same way you would any type of microwave. 

Specifically speaking, THOR Kitchen has a 24-inch microwave drawer – model number TMD2401 – that not only brings you convenience from where it is installed, but also long-lasting durability. No more having to toss your microwave and get a new one every so often. Microwave drawers are designed with much more strength, power, and reliability. 

Let’s take a moment to recognize all the things that this microwave drawer can do. 

Unique Sensor Functions

Sometimes your microwave is used to just make meals and treats and snacks. Other times, however, it can be used in the process of making delicious meals. You know, when you forget to take the meat out before you leave for work in the morning and find out you are making spaghetti with frozen ground beef. What do you do? You use your microwave to thaw it.

Microwave drawers, like the one by THOR Kitchen, offer more than just a defrost button. In fact, you will find 12 unique sensor functions to help with your food prep. These include defrost, of course, but also a beverage center, two popcorn settings, melting chocolate, and softening ice cream.

So many options just for you. 

Multipower Modes

There is a science to creating the best microwave meal, just in case you didn’t know. When you use your oven, you cook certain things at different temperatures, right? You (hopefully) don’t just cook everything at 375-degrees and hope for the best. That is the same reason why this microwave drawer doesn’t want to give your leftover slice of pie the same power as it would, say, a leftover piece of steak. 

So, you have 10 power modes for precision heating. They include a delicate power mode (for things like melting chocolate) to a powerful 950-watts for cooking and defrosting foods.

Everything you eat doesn’t cook the same or require the same amount of power. So you should always have options. 

Auto Touch Open/Close Control

Have you ever looked at your microwave handle? If you don’t clean it regularly – and it doesn’t include any auto touch open/close functions, then there is a good chance your handle may be a bit, well, dirty. Putting your food in and taking it out can leave you getting things on your hands. When you touch the handle, it leaves a residue – and it gets dirty. Let it sit there for a minute and you’ve got crusty, dried, who-knows-what just hanging out. Gross!

With a microwave drawer, the simple touch of a button with your clean pinky can open it up and get you cooking. When you take that hot food out of the microwave, a slight sway of the hip can close it for you. No need to touch anything! 

It is an added convenience, keeps things cleaner, and it surely reduces the spread of germs, too. 

Spacious Cooking

Have you ever bought one of those small, compact microwaves because you didn’t want to waste too much of your countertop? If so, then you know it definitely doesn’t hold everything. Trying to fit certain plates into these microwaves can prove unsuccessful. 

With THOR Kitchen’s microwave drawer, you get 1.2 cubic feet of cooking space. It can hold all types of containers and plates and dishes, regardless of their shape and size. 

Keep it Wam

Finally, cooking a big meal for your family is always a balancing act when it comes to getting everything cooked at the same time. You don’t want to put some cold side dishes on the table because you need the space to make the main course. 

With a microwave drawer, you have a keep-warm function that will give your pulses of heat without overcooking your food. That way it stays warm while you focus on the rest of the meal. 

This is the winning feature right here. 

Final Thoughts

We never want to keep doing the same thing over and over in life – just because we don’t want to take the time to learn about something more beneficial to us. It may sound silly, but that’s how it is with a microwave drawer. 

You can continue to purchase your cheap countertop microwaves – or you can invest in a microwave drawer, free up your counter space, and have long-lasting use of a sleek, well-designed, beneficial appliance.